Bj & Jantu | Same Day Edit
July 18, 2016

Taal Vista Hotel
Gourmet Farms, Silang Cavite

It was all about celebrating imperfections! But like every irregular and unique puzzle piece, BJ and Jantu found their perfect match in each other, hence, this fine day at the altar! The quirky couple sealed their happy deal at Gourmet Farms, Silang, Cavite – all smiles and laughter, all emotion and love that’s 8 years in the making whipping up all over the place. The glorious and light atmosphere was followed by an equally love-filled reception at the same place. Cheers to this day and to the rest of your lives, BJ and Jantu! Thank you for trusting us with capturing this priceless milestone. Here’s your SDE with our warmest congratulations!

Bj & Jantu | Same Day Edit from Red Aisle Films on Vimeo.