Full Wedding | This is the complete video coverage of your wedding. Everything is captured from preparations to the time everyone calls it a night. Every emotion, the unedited and the unseen, to the essential and priceless moments are pieced together and turned into a digital memoir that you can relive over and over again.

Same day edit | This is called on-location editing that shows all the highlights of your big day – from the wedding preps to the actual ceremony – all compressed into a 3-5 minute video. The SDE is then shown on a big screen at your reception and is also included as a highlight – you and your better half enjoying the first time you backtrack on your vows as husband and wife. That’s a chapter worth including in your entire memoir

Cinematic Highlights Full Edit | This is the 15-30 minute edited version of the entire event. This includes shiftings that creates the story out of your special day. Unlike in a scripted film though, the events here are not necessarily chronological and everything is spot-on real. In short, it’s your love story on film.

Three Film Videographers and Three HD cameras
Equipment’s: Crane, Glidecam, Slider, Aerial Drone, Audio and Lightings.

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